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Teaching The Way Students Learn

At the heart of Kaanger Valley Academy’s educational philosophy is the firm belief that all students can become successful learners and that there are no predetermined limits to what students can accomplish at any age. We understand that the students come to school with varying intelligence, abilities, passions and skills. Curricular plans are carefully designed to engage students with a variety of learning styles. A broad range of materials, activities, approaches, and interconnected learning opportunities propels each student to discover and develop his or her own strengths. Students are also encouraged to identify the hard spots where they may need to review their learning through reflection and alternative application in order to master required skills and content. We follow a dynamic curriculum that gently shapes the mind as well as the heart of our students, aiming at transforming them into responsible, skilled human beings that are capable of independent and critical thinking. The result is a “living” curriculum that evolves to accommodate new teaching methods at all times.

Spiraling Learning Across Disciplines

Here, the basic academic disciplines, Science, Commerce and Humanities, are interwoven with Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Design Thinking, as well as Spiritual Education creating a rich tapestry. Children of Kindergarten to Class II, explore the world around them, discovering their place in it while being introduced to the domain specific skills that will aid their learning as they progress through the grades. In addition to daily instructions in Languages and Mathematics, students get a varied experience in Visual Art, Music, Language enhancement, and Wellness classes. From third standard to twelfth grade the curriculum becomes an ascending spiral of events, from pre-historic to the future, with the student in the center of this expanding form. While each domain (Pre-Primary Nur – KG, Primary-I to V, Middle- VI to VIII, and HS- IX to XII) offers its own rigorous curriculum, integration with other fields creates an appropriate synthesis for the learners. As a whole, students find the curriculum to be highly engaging and relevant to move ahead in life.

Reflective Teaching

To keep the feelings of enthusiasm and responsibility ever-alive among teachers, Reflective Teaching has a pivotal role in our pedagogical process. The effectiveness of our experiential learning methodology draws its strength consistently from the reflective teaching mechanism while cultivating a sense of self-awareness and self-trust among the learners. A deliberate, consistent practice of reflection by the teachers soon after the class-hours helps us in opening windows of possibilities of improvement in the quality of classroom transactions. We may learn skills through practice and experience, but abstract concepts can only be learnt when we reflect on our experience.