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Kaanger Valley Academy, Raipur uses the best practices available in the education system to help students develop into well-rounded, responsible individuals with a wide range of skills and ability to analyze complex issues of local, national and global significance. The curriculum we follow fosters a strong sense of multiculturalism and universal values in students who will be committed to a pluralistic sensibility and positive change. By educating the child, we will support the individual needs of each student and value their unique contribution to our school.

The curriculum offered for students in Primary and Middle Schools is based on the premise that the individual student is at the center of all teaching and learning. The unique curriculum developed indigenously creates an interactive atmosphere to foster independent thinking among learners. It has been designed to incorporate an international perspective, which reflects developments in curriculum research from a range of different national and international sources. In keeping with our mission, we have a responsibility to ensure that students acquire skills and attitudes which will meet the needs of the 21st century.

Going beyond the chalk and talk method of teaching, our faculty uses the latest technology as a tool to reach out to the students, be it in Mathematics, Science, or languages. Audio-Visual presentations at the A/V Hall, use of Mathematics kit and Flashcards in and outside the classrooms add to the understanding and retention among the children. Experiential learning has been another pillar of strength to develop inventive thinking in our students.


With a view to nurturing Scientific temper in the young minds we have :

A peep into the classroom

At the KVA, we are committed to the academic transcendence of all our students. The Interactive Enrichment class for all students every day is a big step towards this commitment. Students try to complete their assignments under the guidance of subject teachers within this hour-long practice session and concepts are re-taught, wherever needed. Once the areas of difficulty are identified, children undergo a remedial session as well, with a different approach, and concepts are reinforced through worksheets or assignments. For gifted children, we go for creative solutions to complex problems in these enrichment classes. To put in a nutshell, we identify, we nurture, we refine and finally we guide our students towards academic excellence.

CBSE Board Result (2008 - 2021) : Toppers Name

YearX (Toppers)XII-Science TopperXII-Commerce TopperXII-Humanities Topper
2007-08Bhawna AgrawalNANANA
2008-09Siddharth DahiyaNANANA
2009-101. Shubika Jain
2. Siddhartha Pradeep
3. Prasoon Bopche
Yash SumanSana UmraniNA
2010-111. Himanshu Jain
2. Shobit Deep Shukla
3. Akash Vishwakarma
4. Yash Jain
Shrishti ChopdaKushal ParekhNA
2011-121. Anubhuti Jain
2. Mayank Pratap Singh
3. Amrita Pillai
4. A. Kavya Sripriya
Prasoon BopchePurva JainNA
2012-131. Pratik Agrawal
2. Shreya Bhansali
3. Sachin Agrawal
4. Amritanshu Das
5. Shishya Goyel
6. Aparna Sachdev
7. Akriti Duggad
8. Aditi Bhatpahri
Shobhit Deep ShuklaYash ChhabriaNA
2013-14Deepak AgrawalYash PitrodaKhushaboo BajajNA
2014-151. Arya Bisen
2. Soundrya Rathod
3. Purva Agrawal
4. Samyak Jain
Aditi JainGarima JainNA
2015-161. Meenal Agrawal
2. Shubhangi Agrawal
3. Yatish Agrawal
4. Pulkit Jain
5. Shamita Deshmukh
Deepak Agrawal1. Shreyansh Pagaria
2. Muskan Agrawal
2016-171. Yashaswini Mishra
2. Shubhangi Jain
Samyak JainNandini JainNA
2017-18Aditi BanjareM. PriyanshiKshitij BordiaNA
2018-19Samyak DasYashawini mishraSonal AthwaniNA
2019-20Dhruv Kumar DuttaAditi BanjareDisha AgrawalShipra Jha
2020-21Ahinsha DasYatharth ChandrakarS. Sai BhavnaCharul Sawai