From the Executive Director’s Desk

From The Executive Director Desk

A good deal of life-changing initiatives has been brought to fruition at school level education during the last two decades worldwide. Ever since its inception the Kaanger Valley Academy in its attempt to understand the big picture has been operating from the platform of Experiential Learning while moving consistently toward its motto
“ Manifestation of Perfection “ !

There exists no dilemma in our understanding that learning as an outcome of real experience becomes an inseparable part of the learner for the lifetime. Being driven by this thought, our curriculum has been made flexible to adapt changes wherever necessary for teaching beyond techniques. A judicious implementation of this renewal process has brought about a real expansion of the learning turf for the children at KVA. Beyond doubts, this has helped us in changing the way our students think. When they change their thinking, their actions cannot help but follow. Consequently, everything around them changes favourably which every school on this globe strives for.

You would appreciate that the education should not be considered as the end result of a few hours’ activities at School alone. For the holistic education of children, a quality engagement at the home front needs to compliment various activities, curricular and co-curricular both, taken up at School. It is through this unbroken bond of togetherness that we can create a safe intellectual, emotional and spiritual space for learning in KVA, which all of us would be proud of. We all know that it is an uphill task; but I am sure, together we can make ways to raise the rising generation.