About Kaanger Valley Academy

About Kaanger Valley Academy

Established on 11th of July, 2005, under the aegis of Kaanger Valley Academic Society, KVA, the first Day Boarding, CBSE affiliated co-ed K-12 School of Raipur, nestled in 25 acres of lush green surroundings, lies in the heart of city. It is a unique school project brought to fruition through the incessant efforts of our promoters and professionals from varied backgrounds. It boasts of the on campus ICC standard Cricket ground, facility for all major games, wading pool for the tiny tots, state of the art Pyramid for Meditation and an Air-conditioned Boarding House exclusively for girls.


Nurturing students to emerge as integrated human beings responsible enough to sail through the journey of life efficiently.


Cultivating independent thinking among children in a caring and collaborative environment through joyful exploration for ensuring sustainable growth and valuable results.


The purpose of school education is not merely to make students pass a few exams but to help them understand the business of living in a wholesome perspective. As a weak foundation cannot sustain the building for long, a meaningful life cannot be lived with an inadequate schooling at its base. Creating socially contributing, environmentally sensitive and globally responsible citizens is what we aspire for our children to be. This requires nurturing and preservation of the innate originality and primal innocence of every learner which unfortunately has been over clouded by compulsive ambitions of the contemporary policy makers in the field of education. Knowledge is useful but without the right attitude towards its application it becomes destructive in several ways, and modern times bear its testimony. Accumulation of information cannot be the be all and end all of students’ lives. Promoting ability to empathize with regard to one’s understanding of relationships with men and material both remains the cornerstone of KVA’s curriculum. Teachers and students alike, endeavour consistently to create such experience for each other in a mutually beneficial learning platform through ever evolving indigenous concept plans and portfolio management. Our aim is not to churn out mechanical conformists but life ready individuals who would be fearless enough to question the status quo and change it for greater good.