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With a view to nurturing Scientific temper in the young minds we have :

  1. Project and Research based assignments- Students are assigned individual projects in their areas of specific intelligence.
  2. Activity based teaching and learning- Opportunity for Experiential learning through Xseed and Kreya, unique curriculums for the pre-primary and primary school.
  3. Technology based pedagogy- Use of latest technology in Audio-Visual Hall
  4. Integrated Learning Class- Through this inter-disciplinary hands-on learning programme , students of Class III-Class-VIII work with tabs, and other audio, video, robotic and engineering design equipments for the development of skills such as communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking
  5. Musicanopy- KVA is one of the first schools in the country to introduce this trail-blazing concept for promoting musical aptitude in its students during early childhood years
  6. Spiritual Science- Recognizing the great diversity in backgrounds, needs and aspiration of students, Spiritual Science has been infused into the school curriculum which is duly supported by meditation sessions and Jeevan Vidya Classes to help children understand the importance of co-existence in life at an early age