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From the Principal’s Desk

Children are highly impressionable during school years and at KVA we inspire in our students a love for learning that lasts a lifetime. The teachers are role models and double as a parent and a facilitator and collectively, our goal is to make the students depart KVA with inquisitiveness about their world and a belief in education that will remain throughout their lives. We aim to well equip them to face the world they step into, after leaving school. With the intent to address individual learning approach, a wonderful range of indoor and outdoor activities, sports, fieldtrips, day camps, hikes, drama, art and music are woven seamlessly into the daily routine, to ensure that our student is well versed to face the challenges of the world.

This tight knit community of our school not only meets the individual needs of the student but also helps to promote personal-worth and accountability. We aspire to help each child embrace a blissful, carefree and healthy life while addressing his/her intellectual, social and ethical needs in a supportive atmosphere. My priority is the welfare of the children and all of us here are striving hard to be certain that at KVA, every single boy and girl is happy. Good education is not about stuffing the empty minds with just raw information rather as teachers at KVA we feel our day is made when each child goes back home at least with one question in mind which is probe worthy !