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From the Chairman’s Desk

My heartfelt congratulations to all the stake holders for their valuable contributions made during the last decade in making this Academy a learning space for childhood explorations.
Children’s creative self-discovery always remains at the top of the educators’ priority list when an educational agenda is set up for implementation.
Based on the emergent societal needs, the school curriculum is crafted to unravel the learning process both for the learners and educators too. We believe that instructions in schools should not be technocratic; it must be inventive at all levels.
Teachers at KVA have conclusively enhanced the quality of education by bringing life to curriculum and inspiring students to inquiry and self-directed learning. We are not only concerned with outcomes, processes and resources but also with the human spirit and their values and relationships.
There would never be a time when one can say ‘I have done all that can be done ‘. I am sure, by this standards, KVA is all set to walk the values we believe in, for all the time to come in fostering education for life.