Student Academic Calendar

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Past Month Academic
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14-09-2017 Hindi Week begins Hindi Department
13-09-2017 Teachers Sports Day Sports Coordinator
09-09-2017 Cumulative Test for Classes-IV and V, Mid Term Examination for Classes-VI to Class-XII and Unit Test-IV for Classes-I to III begins Examination Coordinator
07-09-2017 Culmination of Saturday activities Cultural Coordinator
06-09-2017 English Debate Competition (Group-III/IV) English Department
05-09-2017 Teachers Day Celebration Cultural Coordinator
04-09-2017 Hindi Story Telling competition (Group-I/II) Hindi Department
02-09-2017 Eid-Ul-Zuha Holiday Administration
25-08-2017 Ganesh Chaturthi Holiday Administration
24-08-2017 Unit Test-III for Classes III-V ends Examination Coordinator
24-08-2017 Sports Awareness Quiz Sports Coordinator
23-08-2017 Unit Test-III for Classes VI-VIII and Classes-I-II ends Examination Coordinator
23-08-2017 English Story Telling competition (Group-I/II) English Department
22-08-2017 Unit Test-II for Class-XI ends Examination Coordinator
17-08-2017 Pre Primary Festival Celebration Pre Primary Coordinator
17-08-2017 Volleyball and Basketball competition (Group-III/IV,Boys and Girls) begins Sports Coordinator
16-08-2017 Unit Test-II for Class-XI and Unit Test-III for Class-I to Class-VIII begins Examination Coordinator
15-08-2017 Independence Day Cultural Coordinator
15-08-2017 Group Song Competition (Group-II/III) Cultural Coordinator
10-08-2017 Hindi Declamation Competition (Group-II/III) Hindi Department
08-08-2017 Computer Operation Competition (Group-I) Computer Teacher
07-08-2017 Raksha Bandhan Holiday Administration
05-08-2017 Parents Teachers Meeting Administration
04-08-2017 Maths Exhibition (Group-II/III/IV) Mathematics Department
01-08-2017 Unit Test-II for Classes III-V ends Examination Coordinator
01-08-2017 Sanskrit week begins Sanskrit Department
31-07-2017 Unit Test-II for Class-I & II and classes VI-VIII ends Examination Coordinator
29-07-2017 Unit Test-II for Class-I to Class-VIII and Class-XII ends Examination Coordinator
28-07-2017 Pre Mid Term exam for Class-IX and Class-X ends Examination Coordinator
24-07-2017 Unit Test-II for Class-I to Class-VIII and Class-XII begins Examination Coordinator
24-07-2017 Unit Test-I for Class-XI begins Examination Coordinator
24-07-2017 Pre Mid Term exam for Class-IX and Class-X begins Examination Coordinator
18-07-2017 Foot Ball Matches (Group II/III/IV) boys begin Sports Coordinator
17-07-2017 Computer Operation Competition (Gr IV) Computer Teacher
14-07-2017 Computer Operation Competition (Gr II) Computer Teacher
13-07-2017 Table Tennis (Grp III/IV Boys and Girls) begins Sports Coordinator
13-07-2017 Health Assessment Begins Sports Coordinator
12-07-2017 Hindi Debate (Grp.III/IV) Hindi Department
11-07-2017 Foundation Day and Investiture Ceremony Sports Coordinator
11-07-2017 Folk Dance Competition (Group II & III) Cultural Coordinator
08-07-2017 Parents Teachers Meeting Administration
07-07-2017 Water Colour Competition (Group III/IV) Arts Teacher
06-07-2017 Rainy Day (Pre-Primary) **Tentative** Pre Primary Coordinator
05-07-2017 English Declamation Competition (Group II/III) English Department
04-07-2017 UT-1 Classes III-VIII ends Examination Coordinator
03-07-2017 UT-I for Classes I&II ends Examination Coordinator
29-06-2017 Hindi Poem Recitation Competition Hindi Department
27-06-2017 Badminton Competition for Group-III and Group-IV (Boys and Girls) Sports Coordinator
27-06-2017 Unit Test-I for Class-I to Class-VIII begins Examination Coordinator
27-06-2017 Computer Operations (Group-III) Middle Coordinator
26-06-2017 Eid-Ul-Fitr Holiday Administration
24-06-2017 Parent's Orientation (Class-VI to Class-X) Middle Coordinator and Secondary Coordinator
23-06-2017 English Poem Recitation Competition English Department
22-06-2017 Collage Making Competition Arts Teacher
21-06-2017 New Parents Orientation Primary Coordinator
21-06-2017 International Yoga Day Celebrations Sports Coordinator